Workers’ Comp Lawyer

Handling Work Injury Claims in North Mississippi

Were you hurt on the job? Get the money you need without a runaround from workers’ compensation, also known as workman’s comp or work comp. I help employees that have been injured on the job.

I’m Tupelo personal injury attorney Missy Wigginton. I handle workers’ compensation claims for everyday people injured in workplace accidents throughout northeastern Mississippi, from Tupelo to Corinth to Aberdeen and everywhere in between.

As a workers’ compensation lawyer, I’ve handled a wide variety of workplace injury claims over the years, many from the large industries in our area where workers handle powerful, often dangerous equipment. I can help clients with work comp claims for:

  • Back injuries
  • Loss of fingers
  • Injuries to arms or shoulders (like bursitis or tendonitis)
  • Broken bones from car or truck wrecks while driving for work
  • Knee blow outs, torn tendons
  • Repetitive stress injuries
  • Head injuries and traumatic brain injuries
  • Illness caused by exposure to toxic chemicals

I also represent families who lost a loved one in a fatal workplace accident.

Are You Covered by Workers’ Comp?

Workers’ compensation is a no-fault insurance that covers almost every working person in Mississippi while protecting Mississippi employers from lawsuits for workplace injuries. There are a few exclusions to workers comp. It does not cover workers at businesses with fewer than five (5) employees. It does not cover business owners, independent contractors, volunteers, federal employees, or railroad workers.

First Things First: Report Your Injury

A lot of workers are afraid to tell their boss that they were hurt because they think they might lose their job. But if you don’t report your injury promptly, you might lose your ability to collect workers compensation. So please report your injury to your supervisor or employer.

Your employer will file a report with the Workers’ Compensation Commission. That should be enough to get payments started but if your employer or the insurance company denies your claim, that’s when you need to call in a lawyer. It would be very difficult to turn a denial around without legal help.

There is no out-of-pocket cost to you to hire a workers’ compensation lawyer. Legal fees are deducted from any cash benefits you receive, and are limited to no more than 25% of the total award.

It’s worth it to fight for your benefits. Under workers’ comp law, you could be eligible to receive reimbursement for:

  • Medical services like doctor visits, hospital care, nursing services
  • Medical supplies like medicine or equipment
  • Rehabilitation services like physical therapy or occupational therapy
  • Miscellaneous expenses like reimbursement for mileage
  • Lost wages, up to 2/3 of your regular weekly pay, tax free
  • Mileage paid for trips to the doctor

The insurance company would pay these costs directly and you would not have to pay a deductible or co-pays.

If You’ve Been Denied Workers’ Compensation, Get Legal Help

Whether you were hurt at a furniture factory, in an auto plant, driving a truck, or working at a restaurant or office, I can ensure your workman’s comp claim is handled correctly. Call 662-214-9815 to talk with me about your accident, injuries and any problems you are having with workers’ comp. Or contact me online to schedule a phone call, a Skype call or face-to-face meeting.