About Attorney Missy McKinney

I’m Missy McKinney. A lot of people in the Tupelo area know me as “Mama Missy.” Sure, that’s an unusual moniker for a lawyer but when you’re in trouble, whom are you going to call? Your Mama, that’s who!

I studied law at Ole Miss Law School and graduated in 2000. Prior to forming Mama Justice, I worked for and ran the Tupelo office of John Micheal Bailey Injury Lawyers handling personal injury cases. Prior to that, I worked at Bancorp South Bank and then moved to Shelton & Associates, handling divorce law, child custody and bankruptcy cases.

My law practice now focuses on serious personal injury and wrongful death claims because of:

I am licensed to practice law in Mississippi, Tennessee and am working on gaining acceptance to the Texas Bar.

I currently live in Texas with offices in Tupelo and Fort Worth. I love my home in Mississippi and will never get too far away. I travel between Mississippi and Texas, to meet with clients, go to court and see family. A country girl at heart, I’ve lived through the hurts, hang-ups and fears experienced by my North Mississippi clients. I’m here to listen and to counsel. If I can’t help you, I will always point you in the right direction. I’m here for you and I’ll give you my very best.

If you were injured, and hurt, call your Mama – then call me at MW Law Firm, PLLC: 662-214-9815.